Welcome Dr Eliza Clark!

We are incredibly lucky to announce that Dr Eliza Clark (Osteopath) will be starting at Chadstone Region Osteopathy on June 3rd 2022. 

Eliza’s availability is as follows:


-Monday morning
-Tuesday afternoon/evening,
-Friday afternoon
-Every 2nd Saturday. 


-Tuesday morning
-Wednesday all day (including evening). 

Message from Eliza:

“I am very excited to start working with the amazing crew at Chadstone Region Osteopathy and to start my new adventure! 

I have previously worked as an Osteopath in the Cranbourne region for a few years and I would like to say farewell to my amazing patients that I met there, and that I am sorry and I will definitely miss all of them! But I am excited to meet and welcome a whole new group of patients.

I love treating acute/chronic headache, neck and low back pain through the use of massage, mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling, cupping and pain education. 

If I sound like the right osteopath for you, please don’t hesitate to book in and come see me! I can’t wait to meet you” 

– Eliza Clark

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, please email us if you need any advice! info@chadstoneregionosteo.com.au


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